My Ski Pants are too long! How to hem ski pants to make them short?

My Ski Pants are too long! How to hem ski pants to make them short?

Help! My Ski pants are too long and I need a seamstress... don't I?

If your snow pants are much longer than this, you can have them taken up by a seamstress or even do it yourself if you’re handy with a sewing needle and thread. If they don’t bother you, then don’t worry about it.

Of course, some styles of snow pants are shorter than others so you may also want to look at the ‘inseam’ measurement of the pants before you buy them. Sometimes though, no matter how hard you try, even the short ski pants, still don’t fit. Don’t worry!

4 Ski / Snow Pant Hemming Tips  

1. The waterproof and breathable material should be treated carefully by anyone looking at hemming snow pants. You definitely don’t want random pins and pinning of fabric all over the material however hemming the bottom seam is not a problem and this hem is rarely seam-sealed anyway. What this means is, you can hem the bottom of the pants in a normal way without affecting the pants. It is the one seam you shouldn’t worry about as it’s over your boots anyway.

2. Sometimes, instead of cutting and hemming the bottom of the pants some people will just fold up the excess material inside the leg and tack the bottom hem to the inner lining, and that’s good too. This way works best if you don’t need a lot of pant leg taken up.

3. The internal snow cuff (boot gaitor) which sits with elastic over the boots when you’re wearing the pants (they are there to keep the snow out of your boots) should be left as they are. After the pants have been hemmed, if they fall longer than the pants, just bunch them up inside the pants so they can still act as they should. If you’re really OCD about it, you can always hem them separately too) To give you an idea of how far up the pant can be hemmed, you can use the snow cuff as a guide. Just below where they are sewn into the lining is as far up as the outer pant leg can be hemmed to.

4. Of course, you can take your pants to an outdoor gear seamstress specialist, I know there’s one in the Melbourne CBD, and they’ll do a beautiful job but it can get very expensive and time-consuming. Sometimes, you just need to know how to do it yourself.

I hope this all makes sense. Please let me know if you have further questions.

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