Keeping kids warm and dry in the snow all day long is every parents dream! If your children are warm and dry when skiing or snowboarding they will have tonnes of fun and wil be able to concentrate on the good stuff. Sufficient warm layers and correct thermal underwear are all you need. A pair of snug fitting thermals top and bottom to wick away moisture and a mid layer to trap the heat. Remember, warm kids are happy kids! 

Thermal underwear (base and second layers) come in polyester, nylon, merino wool and polypropylene materials, which all wick moisture from the body to provide a comfortable body temperature when exercising (whether it's skiing, snowboarding or simply snow playing). Additionally, thermals and warm layers can also be used while camping, going to the footy, fishing, playing or watching sport or for just generally keeping warm in cold climates like Melbourne during the winter time.

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