Raiski - By Women, For Women - Halti - Finland

The Plus Size, All-Seasons, Urban Outdoor Style From The North - At An Affordable Price

It is only natural that women wish to look good and feel confident while doing sports or any outdoor winter activities. The Raiski R+ products are plus sized products for the curvy figure designed in Finland by taking into account the different body types and natural feminine curves. This 2017 - 2018 Winter Collection of Raiski products  by Halti have been inspired by London, with an urban influence combined with the Nordic Outdoor Style. The Raiski products are suitable for all occasions, whether it is the busy city lifestyle, the quiet outdoor life or the extreme sports. 

The products in the Raiski R+ range are designed for bodies of different sizes and for a more fuller, feminine body shape, with cuts that highlights the best feature of the body while providing comfort and style. The Raiski R+ collections have been entirely designed by women who knows what women expect from their clothes. Elegance, style and comfort, with the Raiski products, you will feel confidence and joy in exercising!

Halti has a long tradition as a Finnish manufacturer of alpine clothing and strong know-how in designing technical skiwear in cooperation with professional alpine skiers.

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