HIGH FLYERS NEED GREAT SUPPORT! Lenz functional clothing has been complying with the highest demands in the worlds of sport, work and leisure since 1987. In addition to optimum wearability, the best fit and the most up-to-date fibre compositions, Lenz functional clothing also stands for the patented S.E.P. System. In order to maintain the consistently high quality of the products, all textiles are developed and produced in Europe. HEAT & DRY Our extremities are the first to freeze at cold temperatures. We consume lots of energy in order to keep our body temperature constant in the cold. This means that muscle power and performance are reduced by up to 50%. Our ability to perform and concentrate is severely impaired when our body temperature gets too low. In contrast, our susceptibility to injury increases. The heatable products by Lenz mean that the body needs much less energy in order to maintain its “feel-good climate”.
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