Kids Snow Boots

Kids Snow Boots (apres-ski boots) will protect your kids from the cold and wet while enjoying the snow. High-quality Snow Boots will have insulation for warmth and breathable waterproof linings to keep your kid's feet dry and warm. Ideally insist on a durable rubber tread for stability and grip in the snow. Kids Apres Snow Boots are a must-have on your snow holiday with your family, especially for your children. Look out for our extensive Kamik, Attiba, XTM, and Rojo ranges.

Further information on what to look for in your Snow Boots here


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  1. Kamik Takoda Lo Kids Apres Snow Boots Olive 2020
    As low as AU$109.99 Regular Price AU$129.95
  2. Attiba Bambino Kids Apres Snow Boot Black
  3. Kamik Freezone Kids Apres Snow Boot Fuchsia
  4. Kamik Takoda Lo Kids Apres Snow Boots Brown 2020 front
    As low as AU$69.95 Regular Price AU$129.95
  5. Kamik Snowbuster 2 Kids Apres Snow Boot Berry
  6. XTM Inessa Girls Apres Snow Boots All Colours
  7. XTM Rocket Boys Apres Snow Boots
    As low as AU$59.99
  8. XTM Predator Unisex Après Snow Boots Black Pair
  9. XTM Predator Kids Après Snow Boots Black 2019 Pair sole
  10. XTM Puddles Baby Apres Snow Boots Colours
  11. XTM Puddles Infant Baby Apres Snow Boot Pink
  12. Kamik Takoda Kids Apres Snow Boots Ink Blue 2020 front main
    As low as AU$69.95 Regular Price AU$139.95

19 Items

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