Baby Snow Gear

Keep your little precious baby boy or baby girl warm and toasty at the snow. Keeping them warm and dry is key to having fun at the snow with your baby and your family. The trick is to have played 'dress up' time at home a few times before you go, with all their gear on, so that when it's time to put on their snow gear at the snow, they know how it feels and enjoys the fun of it all (instead of feeling weird in all this new gear in a new environment). After all, you love the snow so much, so it's important to you that your kids do too. We get it, we're there too ;)


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  1. XTM Rugrats Kids Snow Suit Unicorn 0-6 Years
  2. XTM Rugrats Kids Snow Suit Dino 0-6 Years Front
  3. Rojo Girls Snow Suit Winsome Orchid (4-6 Years) Main
  4. Rojo Girls Snow Suit Lumi Lavender (4-6 Years) Main
  5. Rojo Infants Snow Suit Floral India Ink Main
  6. Rojo Infants Snow Suit Winsome Orchid Main
  7. Rojo Infants Snow Suit Lumi Lavender
  8. XTM Kioko Infant Baby Ski Suit All-In-One Navy
  9. XTM Puddles Baby Apres Snow Boots Colours
  10. XTM Puddles Infant Baby Apres Snow Boot Pink
  11. XTM Totally Wild Kids Ski Mitten Dino 0-4 Years Double
  12. XTM Totally Wild Kids Ski Mitten Koala 0-4 Years double
  13. XTM Tiny Mitt Infants Snow Mittens Black (0-2yrs) double

24 Items

per page
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