XTM Galaxy Adult Après Snow Boots Sizes 36-40

This rugged adult unisex apres snow boot is a heavy duty, hardwearing adults boot that means business and will endure years of hard-wearing use. A complete rubber foot and sturdy tread with lower boot construction will ensure feet are kept dry and warm, even in very wet conditions. A nylon upper finishes the boot with a velcro closure. XTM's Galaxy Boot is their ultimate durable winter snow boot at an affordable price in sizes up to 48! Rated to a massive -20 degrees, this boot features a serious gripping TPR sole and tri layer inner sole padding. Designed for comfort, the galaxy will keep your feet dry and warm in wet and cold conditions at the snow, camping or during any outdoor winter weather. Also available in smaller and bigger sizes. Search for Galaxy in our search bar.

Definitely a best seller!

XTM Galaxy Adult Après Snow Boots

XTM Galaxy Unisex Adult Après Ski Boot features:

The ultimate durable Adults apres snow boot

  • Velcro closure for the perfect fit
  • Rubber sole preventing any leakage
  • Well drainer to minimise excess water
  • Heavy Duty Nylon upper for durability
  • Boa lined to gain extra warmth
  • Synthetic upper, synthetic linning/sole
  • TPR sole
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Serious grip
  • Velcro tab
  • Tri layer inner sole padding
  • Rated to -20 degree celcius

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