Superfeet Insole Footbeds Blue

Superfeet insoles help stabilise your foot in just about any shoe, indluding your ski or snowboard boots! The deep structured heel cup and full-length foam provides support and comfort for every turn. Simply remove the existing insole of your boot liners and cut the Superfeet insole to shape. You will never want to take your boots off again! Offering an affordable, professional-grade orthodicsupport, performance and comfort for all shoes! Legendary support and performance, especially for your ski boots. 

Superfeet Insole Footbeds Blue

  • Deep Heel Cup
  • Biomechanical Shape
  • Antimicrobial Coating
  • Stabilizer Cap
  • High-Density Foam
  • Easily Shaped/Cut to fit any shoe

Fit Profile

  • Medium-profile insole with the shape that can fit into most footwear while providing a medium level of support.

Fit Best In

  • Most types of low- and medium- volume footwear, even some without removable insoles.

Sizing Guide

Junior 13.5 - 2
Junior 2.5 - 4
Women's 4.5 - 6
Men's 5.5 - 7
Women's 6.5 - 8
Men's 7.5 - 9
Women's 8.5 - 10
Men's 9.5 - 11
Women's 10.5 - 12
Men's 11.5 - 13
Women's 12.5 - 14

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