MITTENS - Best Warmth for your hands

If you're looking for the best warmth for your hands in the snow while skiing and snowboarding, we highly recommend buying mittens instead of gloves. They are SO much warmer than any glove, even good quality ones, as your fingers keep each other warm, and the pocket of air that builds around them is easier to maintain at a warm temperature. They are also easier and more effective to wear with heat packs as required. As someone who suffers on cold and windy days, I personally only wear mittens when it's cold, and being a skier and snowboarder, I find I can do everything the same once I get used to them (opening jacket zippers, etc) but also I am braver to remove them if required as I know they will warm back up again more quickly inside the mitten. Mittens are also generally more waterproof as they have less exposed seams for water to sneak in.

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