Black Mittens

Warm hands at the snow when skiing or snowboarding are happy hands! When choosing a pair of kids snow mittens/ski mittens/snowboard mittens always remember to allow for a pinch of room at the fingertips. This will allow for insulation, protection from the wet and a little bit of room for growth. It's best to try and buy the best waterproofing and breathability you can - Gore-tex is ideal and known as the best brand for keeping dry in the wet Australian snow conditions, although there are many other waterproof and breathable membranes that will keep your kids equally warm and dry all day long. Just remember that anything that is waterproof AND breathable will eventually get wet in the most extreme conditions and with a lot of use, to try and buy the best you can afford.

A good thing to remember is that mittens are ALWAYS warmer than gloves, and more waterproof too, so if your kids are cold bodies, buy mittens and they will be a whole lot warmer and dryer all day long. Mittens aren't just for little kids, they're for everyone regardless of whether you are skiing, snowboarding or snow playing.

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