Clothing Fitment Advice

Clothing Fitment Advice

The tips below will help you to decide...

  • Comfortably, with room to move and room for clothes underneath. Would you wear thermals or a fleece layerski kid sometimes? Try some on to see.
  • Don’t buy clothes with the idea of losing weight – you want to be able to leave room for a nice big hot lunch and also room to tuck your clothes into your pants (no one will see!) – it will keep you a lot warmer.
  • Can you squat comfortably in your pants? Is there a gap at the back? Do you need a belt?
  • The length of your pant leg should fall below your ankle – remember, your pant leg rides up when you’re sitting on a chair lift – remember also, that pant lengths can be altered so long as there are no zips on the bottom
  • You should buy snow pants longer than normal wear pants
  • Stretch your arms out in front of you – the arms of the jacket should not ride up past your wrist – you don’t want your wrists exposed when you fall (if you don’t fall you’re not trying hard enough)
  • A lot of this is personal preference – but remember, tight fitting clothes can be colder as air that gets trapped between the layers is important to keeping you warm.

How should your kid's gear fit?

  • Do you want it to last more than one year?
  • Make sure there’s enough room in the crotch area (especially in all in ones)
  • Don’t get gear that’s swimming on them

Rolling up the pant and arm lengths is not always a good idea as the inner layers are not waterproof like the outer layer and once the insulation gets wet, the wetness works its way up inside. You are better to alter these lengths by turning the outside in (rather than the inside out). Pant legs can be taken up.

Top Tips

  • Never sew patches on to your snow clothing – it makes holes in the fabric where water can seep through.
  • Choose a color for your child that makes them easy to spot.
  • Need an honest opinion? Our staff are trained to give honest responses- to make sure you get the right gear. And then you can tell your friends!