Giro Decade Women Ski Helmet Black Early Winter

Giro Decade Womens Ski Helmet or Snowboard Helmet - sets the bar a notch higher for women who are looking for style, performance, and value.


Giro Decade Ladies Ski Helmet or Snowboard Helmet Black Early Winter

It has all the features of the Giro Nine.10 and adds considered finishing throughout specifically for women. An improved slide Thermostat™ vent system, our Stack Vent technology, and a feather light weight will keep your temperature under control, your goggles clear and your comfort level at an all time high. Finish it off with the Best Fit system for an unique feel and you are ready for a full day on the slopes.

Style, performance and value all bundled into this beauty

  • In-mold construction for a lightweight feel
  • X-Static anti bacterial padding
  • 12 Super Cool vents with Thermostat control
  • Stack Vent technology for goggle fog control
  • Designed specially for women
  • Compatible with all after market TuneUps systems
  • Goggle compatible


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