Looking after your snow gear is easy. Always refer to your specific product's care labels to override this information however this will give you an idea on how to generally look after your gear.

Outerwear snow jackets and pants should generally not be drycleaned, and can be washed in your washing machine using a specially formulated, high quality snow gear detergent, such as Nikwax. Snow outerwear should be cleaned minimally and should mainly be aired and spot cleaned where possible. You should not use regular washing detergent as it removes the outer DWR (water repellancy coating). You should always spot check your cleaning in a discreet place, and use stain remover sparingly.

I usually save washing my snow gear for warm days in summer where the insulation can dry quickly in the air and out of direct sunlight (which will generally fade colours).

Some heat in the form of sunlight is great to finish off the process of drying your snow gear as the heat will help rebond the laminate from the outer nylon fabric, helping it remain as waterproof and breathable as possible. I personally have a careful method of using my dryer to do this for me, but you do need to be extraordinarily careful as items can be easily damaged beyond repair.

Washing your thermal layers is also best done with base layer detergent products also designed for this purpose, such as Nikwax.

Good luck, and please get in touch if you have any questions about looking after your gear

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