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Giro's snow helmets and goggles are widely embraced in both Australian and international ski and snow environments. Their distinctive integrated designs and cutting-edge technology enhance comfort and performance. For an optimal fit, it's recommended to purchase helmets and goggles from the same brand, ensuring seamless compatibility and maximum performance. Giro products sell out quickly each season so if your favourite Giro helmet or goggle is available online now, don’t wait too long. They’re an Aussie favourite brand.


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Why are Giro ski helmets the best brand for skiing and snowboarding?

Choosing a Giro ski helmet is a wise decision due to the brand's strong emphasis on safety, innovative technologies like MIPS, comfortable and adjustable fits, stylish designs, and a versatile range suitable for various skiing disciplines. Giro's helmets are known for their durability, quality materials, and integration with Giro goggles for a seamless setup. The brand's inclusive sizing and reputable customer support further contribute to the overall appeal of purchasing a Giro ski helmet.

What size Giro Snow helmet should I buy?

To measure your head for a Giro ski helmet online, use a soft tape measure above your eyebrows, around the widest part of your head. Ensure a snug fit, then check the measurement in centimetres or inches. Refer to Giro's sizing chart on the website to find your corresponding helmet size. Consider specific fit details for the chosen helmet model and read customer reviews for additional insights before making your online purchase.

What is Giro’s MIPS technology in snow helmets?

Giro's MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) technology is a safety feature in their helmets. It includes a low-friction layer inside the helmet that allows for slight movement during angled impacts, reducing rotational forces and potentially lowering the risk of certain injuries to the brain. Look for the MIPS logo on Giro helmets for this added protective feature.

Are cheap snow helmets worth it?

Giro snow helmets are not cheap, they’re an investment in your safety and experience. Cheap ski helmets have limited safety features, inferior construction and materials, poor fit and comfort, certification concerns, shorter lifespan, limited style options, reduced visibility, and inadequate warranty/customer support. Quality helmets from reputable brands like Giro offer superior safety, durability, and overall performance on the slopes, making them a more reliable investment in the long run.

Are Giro ski goggles the top brand for skiing and snowboarding?

There are many excellent brands of ski goggles available, and Giro is one of the leaders in the field. Choose Giro ski goggles for superior optical clarity, advanced lens technology like Vivid lenses, and anti-fog features. Enjoy a comfortable fit with adjustable straps and helmet compatibility. Giro goggles are known for durability, diverse styles, and UV protection. Trusted by professionals, Giro's innovative design ensures both functionality and style on the slopes.

How do I choose the best ski goggles to buy?

To choose the right Giro ski goggles, consider the lens type for specific conditions, ensure compatibility with your helmet, and check for effective ventilation to prevent fogging. Look for a comfortable fit with features like adjustable straps, and consider your skiing style and budget. Read user reviews to gain insights into real-world performance and choose a style that aligns with your preferences and needs on the slopes.

Are cheap ski goggles worth it?

Giro goggles are not cheap. They’re an investment in your safety and enjoyment. Cheap snow goggles often lack advanced lens technologies, resulting in poor optical clarity and reduced visibility on the slopes. Cheaper goggles may also lack effective anti-fog features, leading to potential discomfort and compromised vision in varying weather conditions. Additionally, the build quality and durability of cheap goggles are usually inferior, affecting their ability to withstand the rigours of skiing or snowboarding. Investing in quality, reputable ski goggles ensures better eye protection, optimal visibility, and a more enjoyable experience on the snow.

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