Should My Feet Ache In My Ski Boots?

Ski boots, believe it or not, are the comfiest boots of them all! If fitted correctly, you should be able to survive an entire day out on the slopes with no pain and no bruising.

When in the market for a pair of ski boots, remember to be fitted by a Master Fit Boot Technician. They hold the highest qualifications in the industry and are incredibly knowledgeable in their field. They will assess your feet taking special consideration into individual size, width, flexion, strength and skill level.

A handy tip when putting your ski boots on: Always kick your heel back after forcing your foot into the boot, this will encourage your foot to sit in the back of the boot allowing more toe room. Proceed doing your buckles up, fastening the middle buckle first. This will lock your ankle into the correct position of the boot. Then fasten the top buckle and power strap. Your toe buckles should be left rather loose as they are only there to allow for the boot to open up. They do nothing for you skiing! Finally, when you take your boots off, remember always always always to fasten the buckles back up again. This will maintain the plastic memory shape and increase the life span of your favourite ski boots! For more information and handy boot hints click here


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