Should I Buy New Or Second-Hand?

As we all know, snow-sports can get very expensive. Buying secondhand can definitely cut some of the cost, especially on kids gear. When looking at secondhand items, it is important to look for indications of quality, such as waterproofing ratings, seam-sealing (waterproofing tape running along the inside of seams) and brand reputability. Also check for working zippers and holes in liner pockets etc.

Some items you will need to buy new, because of safety and hygiene reasons, such as goggles, socks, gloves/mittens, and helmets. Do not buy helmets secondhand as you never know if they have had a good smash and the foam shell could be cracked. New outerwear can be quite affordable, with prices starting at about $100 each for jackets and pants. The advantage to buying new is that the gear is usually covered by a manufacturers warranty (if your item is faulty) and come with a factory waterproofing. With secondhand gear you run the risk of garments having been washed incorrectly, diminishing waterproofing quality.

Pros and cons considered, secondhand gear is an excellent place to start if your new to skiing/snowboarding, if you have young children who are going to grow out of clothing quickly, or if you’re on a budget. There is a wide range of pre-loved gear at Ski and Board Recycle Online Community or Affordable Ski and Snow Gear at Ski and Board Online


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