Ski Helmet Safety For Kids

Ski Helmet Safety For Kids

Here at Ski and Board Online, we have a great selection of Giro helmets to meet every child’s personality enabling you to make safety a priority when at the snow. A kids helmet for skiing and snowboarding is one of the most important items you can purchase as a parent to keep your children safe when on the mountain.

Important Information:

The Australian Ski Area Association (ASAA) has recently reviewed and updated its guidance on helmet’s use in alpine and snows sport environments and recommends the wearing of helmets by Australian Skiers and Snowboarders. The ASAA recognizes that a helmet may make a difference in reducing or preventing injury. It's important to note that helmets are most effective at providing protection at speeds of 20kmph or slower. Helmets are now compulsory for all children participating in any Ski and Snowboard school lesson or seasonal program. Children not wearing an accredited helmet will not be able to participate in skiing or snowboarding lessons, race training or coaching.

Getting it Right:

Ski and Snowboard helmets are specifically designed for skiing and snowboarding usage. Wearing another sports helmet, such as a bicycle helmet may not provide you with adequate protection at the snow. This includes safety and comfort considerations. The most important consideration when purchasing a helmet is the fit. A properly fitted helmet will be comfortable with no pressure points, and it’s best to try on with your goggles, because if there’s a gap on your forehead between eyebrows and hairline this exposure will get wet, cold and give you the worst kind of ice cream headache. Its important the goggles work together with the helmet, providing you with the correct amount of airflow for your goggles and your helmet.

How does the sizing work?

Ski helmet sizing is measured similarly to your bike’s. Measure a tape or string around the circumference of your head and this will give you a centimetre measurement. Brands measure differently and have different adjustments on the helmet however a general guide goes like this: Small Kids XS – S, Bigger Kids S – M, Teens S – M – L, Adults S – M – L, Most Women S – M, Most Men M – L, Men with big heads L – XL. Most kids heads are mostly grown by the time they are 9 years old, so don’t worry about them growing out of it as usually, they last a few years.

Can I rent one on the mountain?

Some resorts rent snow helmets to those who don’t have one and want to have a lesson. This is certainly a budget option to consider however you should also know that linings are not removable and cannot be washed. Certainly renting one is a much better idea than going without.

What about a cheap one from a discount store?

As safety is paramount for your kids at the snow, we would not recommend budgeting for a discount store or a second hand one. Once majorly impacted, they should be replaced immediately as the structure and safety have been compromised. The risk is up to you.


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