What Kind Of Shoes or Apres Snow Boots Should I Wear At The Snow in Australia

What Kind Of Shoes or Apres Snow Boots Should I Wear At The Snow in Australia

Explore the World of Après-Ski Snow Boots in Australia

Discovering the perfect après-ski snow boots for your winter adventures raises a multitude of questions, and we're here to guide you through the essentials. Here are some common queries that snow enthusiasts often have:

What Are Après-Ski Snow Boots?

Après-ski snow boots are your go-to footwear for staying warm and dry in snowy conditions, especially when you're not hitting the slopes. While not suitable for skiing or snowboarding, they excel in providing comfort and protection during your time at the snow - getting in and out of cars and over snow transport, wearing out to dinner, or watching the kids tobogganing or even activities like dog sledding or snowshoeing.

Do I Need Après-Ski Snow Boots in Australian Ski Resorts?

Absolutely! Despite Australia's milder winter climate, après-ski boots are indispensable. The wetter and slushier snow conditions, often mixed with dirt, demand tall and protective boots. Ensure your footwear offers excellent grip for icy mornings and can withstand freezing temperatures - making après-ski boots the ideal choice for Aussie ski resorts.

Can I Wear Regular Shoes Instead?

We strongly advise against it. Everyday shoes, such as runners or lifestyle brands, lack the necessary grip and insulation for snowy conditions. Their rubber soles become dangerously slippery in freezing temperatures. Invest in dedicated snow boots for optimal safety and comfort.

Can Children Wear Gumboots Instead of Snow Boots?

Unfortunately, gumboots are not a suitable substitute. Their slippery rubber soles and lack of insulation make them unsuitable for icy conditions. Ensure your children stay warm and secure in proper après-ski snow boots.

How Do I Choose the Right Size?

Selecting the right size is crucial for comfort and performance. Opt for boots that fit well and suit your preferences, whether it's quick-zip convenience or a snug lace-up fit. Consider factors like affordability, waterproofing, and warmth, tailoring your choice to your specific needs.

Are Après-Ski Boots Waterproof?

While not all après-ski boots are fully waterproof, many offer excellent water resistance. Balancing breathability, waterproofing, comfort, style, support, and price is key when making your selection.

Any Recommended Styles or Brands for Australian Conditions?

Explore our collection featuring renowned brands like XTM , Attiba , and Kamik specialises in Canadian-designed boots suitable for colder temperatures. Attiba boasts a unique flip ice spike feature, providing extra security on icy surfaces. XTM offers a budget-friendly yet quality range to cater to various preferences.

Embrace the winter wonderland with après-ski snow boots designed for style, comfort, and performance. Whether you're navigating Australian ski resorts or exploring international snowy landscapes, find the perfect pair for your snowy escapades.

We have many people asking us what is the best footwear or snow boots to wear on the snow. Be it for yourself or your children there are some very affordable options for apres snow boots. One of the biggest mistakes people make when dressing for the snow is wearing the wrong footwear and socks. The wrong boots will mean your feet will get wet and cold very quickly. You need your feet to be warm and the correct snow socks and apres snow boots will help blood circulation and help maintain warmth and comfort.

What to look for in your Apres snow boots:

The main thing to remember when you are pushing through slush and mud is that you need a pair of shoes that will support you and prevent you from injury in the wet and that will provide warmth which is also as waterproof as possible while still maintaining breathability so your feet don’t get really sweaty.

*Rubber soles will prevent you from slipping and give you peace of mind, plus keep you upright.

*Gore-Tex this legendary waterproofing technology is as breathable as it is impenetrable. That means while water and snow can’t get in, sweat can get out, helping keep feet dry and as comfortable as possible, no matter what the conditions or outdoor activity.

*Waterproof seam-sealed is the technology that makes snow boots practically impenetrable to snow and moisture without adding any extra weight to the footwear. By specially treating the leather or nylon and using waterproof tape to cover every seam and stitch. It’s like your feet are wrapped up in a safe and dry cocoon.

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