How Often Should I Get My Skis/Board Waxed? When Is It Time For A Service?

Skis need to be waxed regularly to keep them in good condition and to keep the base from drying. Depending on conditions and they type of skier that you are, skis should be waxed approximately every 3-8 days of riding. When the base starts to look dry and flaky or white it is a sign that it’s time for a wax.

A full service will include an edge sharpen, and a base grind and clean before new application of wax. When your skis have seen better days, with scratches and the start of rust on the edges, a service is definitely in order. In a service, you can have your DINS or binding settings checked to ensure they are right for your height, weight, age and skiing ability. Correct settings are very important for your own safety on the hill and it is best to have bindings set by a professional.



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