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Differences between the Cartel Softshell Ski Pants

Ladies, lets face it, shopping for ski pants online, although super convenient & loads of fun (most of the time) it can also be pretty difficult, especially when ski pants, like the Cartel Hudson and Manhattan look so similar online. How are you to know the slight differences in style, shape and features if you can’t physically see them, right? We’re going to compare two of our most popular women’s plus size ski pants for you, the Cartel Hudson and Cartel Manhattan so you will know which ski pants will fit you the best.

Similarities in the Cartel Hudson and Manhattan Softshell Ski Pants:

Cartel Softshell comparison Hudson vs Manhattan Ski Pant
Our best selling women’s snow ski pants, the Cartel Hudson and the Cartel Manhattan are two very similar pants in both style and quality. They are both made with a waterproof and breathable, non-seam sealed, stretch, soft shell laminated fabric and designed on a smaller, more body hugging, fitted straight legged cut making the Hudson and Manhattan less bulky compared to other styles of snow pants. They have one single layer of material (the outer softshell fabric is bonded to the inner fleece lining) as opposed to most ski pant designs which have 3 layers – an outer fabric, insulation, and an inner lining. Not only that, they both have belt loops, fasten at the waist with two buttons, a hidden hook and eye and a YKK zip fly while two invisible zip hip pockets reduce bulk around the hips.

Differences however, should be highlighted when comparing these two pants:

The Cartel Hudson ladies snow pant is manufactured with a wide elastic panel positioned at the back in the center of the waist band (see image at bottom of this article). This allows for an expandable waist and ease when sitting on a chair lift, playing in the snow or simply walking around the ski village.  Also visible in this image at the bottom of this article, they also have a  yoke which helps the fit around your waist and hips and flatters your curves. It’s leg length is also slightly longer in the leg than the Manhattan as you can see in when comparing the two images above. Finally, since these pants don’t have a zip feature at the bottom of the leg hem or an internal snow gaitor or cuff at the ankle, they are easily adjusted to any length if you find they are too long.

The Cartel Manhattan ladies snow pant on the other hand, has a different more traditional elastic waist and back than the Hudson, without a yoke. The Manhattan also features a snow cuff with a hook and eye clip inside the ankle section of the pant. This snow cuff is similar to an extra waterproof lining inside the ankle section, hemmed with a firm elastic band designed to sit on the outside of your boots to keep the snow out and the warmth in. This is an important feature if you’re using these pants for a lot of skiing or snowboarding. These pants have have a zip at the back of the leg cuff which enables them to be opened to fit easily over ski boots if you have bigger calves. The seam down the front of each leg also gives the pants a flattering style and fit.

Fit Notes from our customer ‘Liz’ when she tried a size 24 in both styles :

She normally wears a size 18 in pants – “When comparing the two styles of Cartel soft shell ski pants I found the Hudson is more of a boot leg style shape, and has marginally less room for the thighs. On the other hand, the Cartel Manhattan pant is a straighter leg which I found to be more flattering, and they have slightly more room in the bottom and waist areas which suited my curvy body shape better”

Fit Notes from our customer ‘Sarah’ when she tried a size 26 in both styles :

She tried a size 20 in the XTM Smooch snow pants and they were too small – “When comparing the two styles of Cartel soft shell ski pants I found that I couldn’t even get the Hudson pulled up over my thighs and bum but the Cartel Manhattan snow pants pulled up and fit beautifully and comfortably. I’m so happy to have something for my adventure to Argentina!”

Overall, both women’s ski pants are a relatively small cut when you compare your size to your other clothing. Our customers tend to buy them two and sometimes three sizes bigger than what they would usually wear. For example, if you wear size 18 jeans, don’t be alarmed when comparing your measurements to our size charts provided. Your correct size may in fact be a size 22. They are a smaller cut pant thus the differing size run. Having said that, depending on your shape, some women who don’t fit into a size 26 in a different pant, will still fit into these pants in a size 26 due to their curves and the stretch and cut of this pant. Don’t rule these pants out, some customers like to buy 2 pairs and return the ones which don’t fit as well. That’s fine with us!

Cartel Hudson Cartel Manhattan back comparison
Cartel Hudson Cartel Manhattan back comparison

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