Info for the Kids Learning to Ski or Snowboard

To Ski Or To Snowboard? When Should I Let My Kids Start Snowboarding?

SKIING OR SNOWBOARDING. This topic is such a personal preference and is entirely up the the individual whether they wish to ski or snowboard.

Families can enjoy both skiing and boarding together, adults may ski and the kids want to snowboard. Generally the younger generation like to snowboard but there are not rules to whatever you want to do once you hit the ski slopes.

With snowboarding there are some limitations with  age. If your  kids are going to have  lessons in the ski school they cannot do a group lesson under the age of 7 but they can have a private lesson.

It is usually the kids that want to give snowboarding a go especially if they like skateboarding.

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    Info for the Kids Learning to Ski or Snowboard

    What Do I Need To Know About Ski School?

    Ski school is very flexible. There are half  and full days available.  You can go for one day or as many days as you like. We recommend you go for a half day first off then you can progress up with a full day and or days, your children are more likely to love it this way.  It is much more beneficial to have a full day in ski school as the kids tend to progress a lot quicker.  They are put into a group according to their skiing ability and then progress up as their skills develop.  This can be very enjoyable for them and if they don’t go there with friends initially they will quickly start to make friends who have the same interest.



    Some families use ski school more of a crèche so they can have time to themselves to ski.

    Kids enjoy breaks for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea so they are not skiing the whole time which breaks up the day for them.

    It is compulsory for your child to wear a helmet in ski school, If you don’t own one then they are available to hire out.  For more information visit the web site on Mt. Buller, Falls Creek and Mt. Hotham.


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    Info for the Kids Learning to Ski or Snowboard On The Mountain

    Should I Put My Kids Into A Private Lesson?

    Private Lessons Skiing and Snowboarding

    Private lessons are fantastic to get you up and going quickly, usually in a couple of hours you will be able to snow plough and turn. Private lessons  are more expensive but can take up to 5 people at the one time which then brings down the cost so if you are in a group and of a similar skiing ability this is a good option, the cost of the lesson can then be split into how ever many people are in the lesson.

    Two hours is an ideal time to have a private lesson as you need to take into consideration that you will spend some time on a chairlift and not on the slopes.  You may want to have a longer lesson if there are a few of you  together.  Here is some more information from the Mt. Buller site for private lessons.

    If you decide to have a few lessons on different days then a particular Ski Instructor can be requested if you find one that you really like, most of the time they will be able to fill your request, if not, there are plenty of experienced instructors available.


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    Full Day Or Half Day At Kids Ski School?

    Depending on the age of the children and if they are comfortable being with carers for a whole day will determine which you choose.

    Introducing the Kids to Ski Lessons with a Half Day

    We recommend you start with a half day and if the kids enjoyed it then you could progress to a full day.  What you don’t want to do is to put the kids off by putting them in for a full day and they don’t enjoy it, you won’t get them back in easily.

    The Advantages of Full Day Ski Lessons

    If they are happy doing a full day then this is far more beneficial for them, they will learn more and faster and progress up quicker.   This is good for the family as well, you will be skiing together and enjoying time at the snow quicker.   A full day can sound long but they aren’t out on the slopes the whole day, they have breaks for morning tea and lunch in between times. Once they progress up to a point where they will be out on the slopes skiing with an instructor then they usually go into one of the on mountain eating places to have lunch and hot chocolates, they love this and get to know many more kids.

    For more information about the different Australian Resorts Ski Schools try the links below:

    Mt Buller Ski School for Kids



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