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How Does Ski School Work?

How does ski school work at the snow

Kid’s ski school lessons usually run in half day (am or pm) or full day programs starting around 9am. When taking your kids to ski school it is important to plan to get there early, there will be paperwork to […]

Ski Helmet Safety For Kids

Ski Helmet Safety For Kids: Here at Ski and Board Online we have a great selection of Giro helmets to meet every child’s personality enabling you to make safety a priority when at the snow. A kids helmet for skiing and […]

What Would Be The Best Mountain To Visit For Families?

If you are going to the snow and introducing your family to the snow for the first time then you have to decide which mountain will suit your needs best. Mt Buller and Falls Creek are probably the most family […]

Are There Any Creche Services On The Mountains In Australia?

Creche services at the snow

Mt Buller, Falls Creek and Mt Hotham all have creche facilities which means if you choose this option there is much more time for you to be out skiing and enjoying the snowfields. All of them have all day, half […]

To Ski Or To Snowboard? When Should I Let My Kids Start Snowboarding?

SKIING OR SNOWBOARDING. This topic is such a personal preference and is entirely up the the individual whether they wish to ski or snowboard. Families can enjoy both skiing and boarding together, adults may ski and the kids want to […]

What Do I Need To Know About Ski School?

Ski school is very flexible. There are half  and full days available.  You can go for one day or as many days as you like. We recommend you go for a half day first off then you can progress up […]

How Do I Get My Family To Ski School In The Morning?

Getting to ski school on time in the morning can be challenging so by being organised the night before is a big plus! Have their gear laid out and ready to go.   Get the kids in bed early so they […]

Are The School Holidays A Good Time To Go To The Snow?

School holidays are a good time to go to the snow although the first holidays after the snow season opens in June can sometimes be a bit light on for snow so it’s worth checking the snow reports.  Going later […]

Should I Put My Kids Into A Private Lesson?

Private Lessons Skiing and Snowboarding Private lessons are fantastic to get you up and going quickly, usually in a couple of hours you will be able to snow plough and turn. Private lessons  are more expensive but can take up […]

How Can I Get My Kids To Love Going To The Snow?

Most kids will be super excited about going to the snow so that’s how we want to keep it.  Happy kids equals happy parents! Kids love dressing up so when you first bring home their new ski gear whether it […]

Full Day Or Half Day At Kids Ski School?

Depending on the age of the children and if they are comfortable being with carers for a whole day will determine which you choose. Introducing the Kids to Ski Lessons with a Half Day We recommend you start with a half day and […]