Category: Hiring Your Gear

Where Should I Hire Snow Chains?

It is best to hire snow chains from the bottom of the mountain, that way if there is something wrong with them or if they’re the incorrect size you don’t have to travel all the way back home to swap […]

Ski Helmet Safety For Kids

Ski Helmet Safety For Kids: Here at Ski and Board Online we have a great selection of Giro helmets to meet every child’s personality enabling you to make safety a priority when at the snow. A kids helmet for skiing and […]

How Can I Make Going to the Snow Cheaper For My Family?

Going to the snow in Australia is expensive so using ways to reduce the cost is important.  If you are going with another family then look at sharing accommodation. You can book accommodation in a lodge and many of the […]

Should I Hire Or Buy My family’s Ski Gear? On Or Off The Mountain?

Hiring Your Gear There are quite a few options in this topic. If you new to the sport you may wish to hire all equipment and clothing first.    I would recommend that you hire the equipment which includes skis, […]