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What Would Be The Best Mountain To Visit For Families?

If you are going to the snow and introducing your family to the snow for the first time then you have to decide which mountain will suit your needs best.

Mt Buller and Falls Creek are probably the most family friendly mountains as they have many beginner slopes. If there is lots of snow then between Mt Buller and Falls Creek you could say that Mt Buller has more black and challenging off piste runs to enjoy.

Mt Hotham is more of an intermediate to advanced mountain with more challenging runs so if you are big into skiing then this is probably the choice for you.  At Falls Creek there are more ski-in, ski-out locations for accommodation.  Mt Buller also has this too but a lot of the accommodation is also around the village area.  This isn’t a problem as there is a free shuttle bus which loops around the village and takes you to the slopes on a regular basis. All mountains have many eating places and activities so really it’s about how long you will visit for, if you only have a few days then maybe the closest mountain to you will be more beneficial if it has the slopes that you want.

Here is some information on all of the above mountains, Mt. Buller, Falls Creek, Mt. Hotham.

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    How Can I Make Going to the Snow Cheaper For My Family?

    Going to the snow in Australia is expensive so using ways to reduce the cost is important.  If you are going with another family then look at sharing accommodation. You can book accommodation in a lodge and many of the rooms have bunks in them so you may be able to accommodate all the kids in one room. These places have kitchens so taking your own food is much cheaper than eating out. You may also be able to share the drive this way you will only need to hire one set of wheel chains.

    Going to the snow Monday – Friday works out cheaper for the accommodation.

    If you haven’t got any gear then if possible borrowing jackets and pants is good but buy your own helmet, gloves and goggles. Ski and Board Online has great range of affordable snow gear and items.

    If you are a student then lift passes are at a reduced rate.

    Another option is to stay off the mountain so if you are going to Hotham stay in Dinner Plain, Falls Creek stay in  Mount Beauty, Thredbo stay in Jindabyne and Mount Buller stay at Mansfield or Merrijig.

    During the snow season there generally  4 different rates for accommodation, Winter-fest is early in the season, Shoulder June/July, Peak in August and Spring which is September until close. By booking out of season and midweek can save hundreds of dollars.


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    When Do I Need To Plan And Book My Snow Trip?

    Planning your snow trip  is best done as early as possible at the beginning of the year if you know when you will be able to go as   there is ample of accommodation options and availability.   Many people book at least 9 months in advance.

    Weekends are the busiest and accommodation costs are higher than if you go mid-week.    There are three different pricing categories, off peak, shoulder and peak, the prices change drastically.   In some hotels/accommodation you have a cancellation policy that allows you to cancel 1 month out and only incur a $100 – $200 fee.   If you cancel under this time you can incur loosing your deposit which is usually 50% of the total accommodation fee.

    In saying the above there are many places to stay and you will  get in somewhere but won’t have the variety of choices available if you book late. Accommodation links at: Mt. Buller, Falls Creek & Mt. Hotham.



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    Where Do I Stay?

    There is loads of accommodation but you must decide whether you want to stay on or off the mountain and whey up the pros and cons to this.   Staying on the mountain is by far the most convenient and saves a lot of time which means more time to enjoy the snow.  Staying on the mountain has lots of options, you can stay in a hotel and use the hotel facilities with restaurants, room service etc., private apartments can be rented direct from the owners or with a real estate company, and  then there are the private lodges.   With lodges, sometimes you will have to be a member or know a member to be able to stay there and with other lodges they are open to the public.   Hotels and apartments will give you more privacy then a lodge, a lodge is usually a large place with  communal living  and kitchen areas, some will have their own ensuites and others will be shared bathrooms as well so worth checking before you book. Some lodges have a roster system where a family is  given an area to keep clean or look after. Each family will clean up after themselves during their stay.   Some lodges have a free meal on one evening a week, usually a weekend night, this is good to take advantage of and can be fun.  If you have kids then it’s worth checking to see if they have a  games room, this is a fund way for kids to spend the evening mixing with others in the lodge.  Staying in apartments and lodges means you will have to take most of your food up with you or you can purchase from the local supermarket, some have breakfast included in the cost.  Check to see if you have to provide your own linen, some will provide it but others won’t.   There is usually a drying room for your gear at the end of the day so you don’t have to drag it up to your room. If you are staying on the mountain decide whether you would like a ski-in or ski-out location,  check on the map or ring and speak to someone at the accommodation if you are not familiar with the mountain.

    If you decide to stay off the mountain  a bus service is available that can take you up and down the mountain each day.   This can take a while so make sure you allow plenty of time to get to where you want to be and if you have booked lessons you should arrive at your lesson 15 minutes before it starts. Take a back pack with you for anything that you need during the day, even pack an extra few clothing items in case you get wet or cold,  lockers are located in a convenient location on the mountain and can be hired for a small fee.   There are plenty of places to buy hot drinks and food.

    If you do decide to book accommodation off the mountain check to see how far away it is as you don’t really want to be travelling long distances each day, this can take the enjoyment out of your holiday.

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    For How Long Should We Go To The Snow?

    What’s A Good Time Frame To Stay At The Snow?

    Any amount of time is acceptable, it’s entirely up to you and the time you have available, obviously the more time you have the more beneficial it will be to your skiing.  The longer you stay the more costly it will be but if you have outlaid money to buy clothing and ski gear then you may want to make the most of this.

    Day Trips To The Snow

    If you are only doing a day trip then choose a mountain that isn’t too far away, you don’t want to be spending most of your day in a car, two hours would probably be the maximum travel time one way for an enjoyable day.   You could leave by 7am and be on the snow by 9am.

    Weekend Snow Trips

    Weekend trips, leaving Friday afternoon are great and gives you two full days of skiing.  If you are able to go for any longer than this then great, enjoy!


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