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My Ski Pants are too long! How to hem ski pants to make them short

How do I shorten my ski pants leg length? My ski pants are too long! Ski pants can be long in length and bunched up a bit as per the picture (they should have a bit of length on them, […]

The best socks to wear skiing or snowboarding at the snow this winter

Woollen Warm Ski Socks at the snow

What are the best ski socks to wear to the snow? The thinner your ski sock, the better. Yes, seriously. Frosty toes are the bane of snow sports and it may seem like a completely logical and a cozy idea […]

Goggles For Prescription Eye Wear – OTG – Over The Glasses Goggles

The big question for many prescription eye wearers heading to the snow is “Are there goggles that i can wear over my glasses?” The answer is YES!  Most companies now make ski and snow goggles that you can buy to […]

What Kind Of Shoes Should I Wear At The Snow?

What kind of Apres snow boots (footwear) should I wear at the snow: We have many people asking us what is the best footwear or snow boots to wear up at the snow. Be it for your self or your children […]

Should I Buy New Or Second-Hand?

As we all know, snow-sports can get very expensive. Buying secondhand can definitely cut some of the cost, especially on kids gear. When looking at secondhand items, it is important to look for indications of quality, such as waterproofing ratings, […]

How Do I Wash My Outerwear? Can I Improve Waterproofing On Older Gear?

Wash and protect ski clothing

Special detergents need to be used on your waterproof gear to ensure the fabric’s water-repellent coating is not washed away by strong household detergents. NIKWAX is a great product that can wash your gear (jackets, pants, even shoes) safely as […]

Ski Helmet Safety For Kids

Ski Helmet Safety For Kids: Here at Ski and Board Online we have a great selection of Giro helmets to meet every child’s personality enabling you to make safety a priority when at the snow. A kids helmet for skiing and […]

Can We Use Any Of Our Gear We Already Own?

Utilizing your own clothing that you already own is a great way to get you started. If you are just starting out it’s always a good idea to have a look at your existing clothing to see what can be […]

What Should I Buy First If I Don’t Have A Lot Of Money?

If you don’t want to outlay a lot of money on gear then have a think what you will buy first. Buying thermals and gloves is a good start as you will hang onto these for a long time. You […]

Which Gear Is The Most Important To Get Right?

When buying ski gear some things are much more important to get right the first time as you will hold onto some of your gear longer thans other items. Boots are very important to get right the first time as they are probably […]

How Can I Make My Gear Last Long? How Should I Look After My Gear?

Purchasing new ski gear isn’t always cheap so looking after it is a must.  At the end of the day take time to hang up your gear and make sure they are put in a drying cupboard to complete dry, boots also […]

When Is The Best Time To Buy Snow Gear?

If you are planning ahead the best time to buy snow gear is at the end of the season when prices are heavily reduced.   This is not always possible but worth keeping in mind if you already have most things […]

Should I Hire Or Buy My family’s Ski Gear? On Or Off The Mountain?

Hiring Your Gear There are quite a few options in this topic. If you new to the sport you may wish to hire all equipment and clothing first.    I would recommend that you hire the equipment which includes skis, […]