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My Ski Pants are too long! How to hem ski pants to make them short

How do I shorten my ski pants leg length? My ski pants are too long! Ski pants can be long in length and bunched up a bit as per the picture (they should have a bit of length on them, […]

What’s the best plus size jacket for travelling to places like Europe or North America in their winter?

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Can you help me choose a pair of Plus Size Snow Pants for my Trip?

Among the emails we receive, one of the most common query is to recommend the perfect pants for your upcoming Snow or Ski trip. And we totally understand as there are so many different brands with so many different attributes […]

Measuring for the best fit / size of our Plus Sized Snow Clothes

Finding your Best Size of Plus Size Snow Gear

How to choose the best size of snow pants or snow jacket on our website? Unfortunately not every size is made equal. In the realm of snow gear and specifically plus sized snow gear, the sizes can vary incredibly even […]

The best socks to wear skiing or snowboarding at the snow this winter

Woollen Warm Ski Socks at the snow

What are the best ski socks to wear to the snow? The thinner your ski sock, the better. Yes, seriously. Frosty toes are the bane of snow sports and it may seem like a completely logical and a cozy idea […]

Differences between the Cartel Softshell Ski Pants

Ladies, lets face it, shopping for ski pants online, although super convenient & loads of fun (most of the time) it can also be pretty difficult, especially when ski pants, like the Cartel Hudson and Manhattan look so similar online. How […]

Goggles For Prescription Eye Wear – OTG – Over The Glasses Goggles

The big question for many prescription eye wearers heading to the snow is “Are there goggles that i can wear over my glasses?” The answer is YES!  Most companies now make ski and snow goggles that you can buy to […]

Should I Get My Child An All-in-One Suit Or A Jacket And Pants?

All-in-one suits are great for small children as they retain body heat better than separate jacket and pants. Children usually move out of suits any time around the ages 7-10. Share this post

What Kind Of Shoes Should I Wear At The Snow?

What kind of Apres snow boots (footwear) should I wear at the snow: We have many people asking us what is the best footwear or snow boots to wear up at the snow. Be it for your self or your children […]

Should My Feet Ache In My Ski Boots?

Ski boots, believe it or not, are the comfiest boots of them all! If fitted correctly, you should be able to survive an entire day out on the slopes with no pain and no bruising. When in the market for […]

Should I Buy New Or Second-Hand?

As we all know, snow-sports can get very expensive. Buying secondhand can definitely cut some of the cost, especially on kids gear. When looking at secondhand items, it is important to look for indications of quality, such as waterproofing ratings, […]

How Often Should I Get My Skis/Board Waxed? When Is It Time For A Service?

Skis need to be waxed regularly to keep them in good condition and to keep the base from drying. Depending on conditions and they type of skier that you are, skis should be waxed approximately every 3-8 days of riding. […]

What Should I Wear Under My Outerwear?

Layering under outerwear (jacket and pants) is the most important part of getting dressed to go skiing. The most essential layer is thermal underwear, which wicks away sweat and moisture from your skin. Base layers (thermals) come in a range […]

Should I Wear 1 Or 2 Pairs Of Socks?

Even though wearing two pairs of socks may sound like a brilliantly cozy idea, you will regret it at the end of the day! By wearing two pairs of socks your sweat rate is increased and as a result, your […]

Complete Snow Season Checklist

Get it right the first time here at Ski and Board Online we understand that packing for your snow holiday can get overwhelming and that is why we have put together the complete snow season checklist. This checklist is to […]

How Do I Wash My Outerwear? Can I Improve Waterproofing On Older Gear?

Wash and protect ski clothing

Special detergents need to be used on your waterproof gear to ensure the fabric’s water-repellent coating is not washed away by strong household detergents. NIKWAX is a great product that can wash your gear (jackets, pants, even shoes) safely as […]

Ski Helmet Safety For Kids

Ski Helmet Safety For Kids: Here at Ski and Board Online we have a great selection of Giro helmets to meet every child’s personality enabling you to make safety a priority when at the snow. A kids helmet for skiing and […]

Can’t Decide Which To Buy, Gloves Or Mittens?

When choosing gloves you need to determine each persons needs. For children mittens are the best option.  For very young children there are mittens that have a zip in them which makes it so much easier for the child to […]

Can We Use Any Of Our Gear We Already Own?

Utilizing your own clothing that you already own is a great way to get you started. If you are just starting out it’s always a good idea to have a look at your existing clothing to see what can be […]

What Should I Buy First If I Don’t Have A Lot Of Money?

If you don’t want to outlay a lot of money on gear then have a think what you will buy first. Buying thermals and gloves is a good start as you will hang onto these for a long time. You […]