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Plus Snow - Plus Sized Snow Gear

Plus Snow Website – Plus Size Snow Gear

Created out of a need for plus size girls and guys to find snow gear which actually fits them all in one place, Plus Snow was born in March 2016. Based out of Melbourne Australia, Plus Snow have a dedicated website (as well as products on the Ski & Board Online site too), where curvy women and king sized men can find good quality, well fitting snow gear that is actually tailored to their unique needs. No more crazy long arms and legs, we’re talking proportionately fitting snow gear for the ultimate fit and comfort when enjoying time at the snow. Whether it’s skiing or snowboarding, playing in the snow with your kids or other half, or just enjoying the mountains we have thought about you first. Not as an afterthought.

Everybody has a different shape and size, so we also strive to offer you a range to help you find something within your budget and your specific needs.

Blog posts for our Plus Size website Plus Snow for curvy women and king size men, helping you make the best possible decision when buying online. We’ve got ideas, tips and information based on questions we’ve been asked.

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What’s the best plus size jacket for travelling to places like Europe or North America in their winter?

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Measuring for the best fit / size of our Plus Sized Snow Clothes

Finding your Best Size of Plus Size Snow Gear

How to choose the best size of snow pants or snow jacket on our website? Unfortunately not every size is made equal. In the realm of snow gear and specifically plus sized snow gear, the sizes can vary incredibly even […]

Differences between the Cartel Softshell Ski Pants

Ladies, lets face it, shopping for ski pants online, although super convenient & loads of fun (most of the time) it can also be pretty difficult, especially when ski pants, like the Cartel Hudson and Manhattan look so similar online. How […]