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Advice for Selling Your Gear

Recycling Program

As an institution for many skiing and snowboarding families, at Ski and Board Surrey we aim to make your trip to the snow affordable year after year. We will sell your gear on consignment for you, taking a 35% commission of the sale price only when your item has been sold (if it doesn’t sell, you don’t pay anything). Please note that Ski and Snowboard Boots attract a 50% commission on the sale price.

We accept gear on consignment weekdays only (Monday to Friday). The reason for this weekdays rule, is because it takes time to enter your details and your consignment items into our computer system, as well as negotiate pricing and explain all our terms and conditions. We are so busy on weekends that we just cannot afford to spend the time accepting consignments and have found that this is the time when it is easy to make mistakes (Accepting gear on weekends or via post must be done by special arrangement with management on a case by case basis). 

We only accept goods on consignment May through until August each snow season. The reason for the seasonal rule is to ensure all recycled product is refreshed each season - we are not an op-shop and cannot afford the space to act as storage to out dated or over priced items. We aim to give all gear a 'turn' at selling in our shop, although unfortunately we only have a limited space to fill. Once this space has been filled, we may put a 'hold' on accepting certain items until space has been made. If your gear has been knocked back for this reason, please try again during or after the June/July school holidays when we start getting a lot of space back.

In Conclusion - Your gear will be held for one ski season only. We do not hold gear over consecutive years. This ensures a fresh new start each season and makes it fair to all those wanting to sell gear. Due to the popularity of our service, there are periods each year that we stop taking in goods for a period until space clears in the associated shop area.


What do I need to do? 

  • Wash/clean your pre-loved gear (don’t dry-clean). Make them as presentable as possible.
  • Bring it into our store on any weekday (from May through to August). Although you may need to confirm before you bring your gear in as we go through periods where we stop accepting gear if the area becomes full.
  • We will help you price your gear or take suggestions.
  • We will hold your gear for the season - We suggest you reduce it to sell if unsold by the end of July
  • We suggest you call us every 4 weeks to check on its status - we won't call you if it sells. We will only call you if someone makes an offer on your gear.
  • When sold, you come in and collect your money - Easy!
  • If not sold, collect it at the end of the season or it will get donated in December

 Please DO NOT bring in junk. We won't accept very dirty, dusty, or badly stained items, or goods that are too worn or torn. If you want us to sell your gear for you, present it in a way that will help it sell.

Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions you agree to as per your consignment docket:

  • Goods are left at your risk. We accept no responsibility for shop wear and tear or for any loss or damage to the goods.
  • A commission of 35% is payable on all sales with exception Ski and Snowboard Boots attract a 50% commission on the sale price.
  • All goods not sold must be collected by 1st December in the year of delivery.
  • All goods not collected shall be deemed abandoned. We reserve the right to dispose of abandoned goods as we see fit without further notice.
  • Payment will only be made when you notify us this is required (after goods are sold). Cheques incur a $2 fee.
  • We reserve the right to revoke acceptance of any goods left. Goods left uncollected after 2 weeks of notification of collection will be disposed.

Recycling FAQs

When (month)?

The best time to bring in your gear is May, June and July during or after school holidays. Any time after August and September is probably getting a bit late. We're not saying it won't sell; your gear just won't get as much exposure compared with if it had been brought in earlier (and we sometimes stop taking goods too). Basically, the earlier you bring your gear in, the more exposure it gets to customers, and therefore it is more likely to sell. Also, we stop accepting goods during certain times of the season when its assigned shop area gets too full, so we recommend you give us a call to check that we are accepting goods at that time regardless of the month.

When (day)?

We accept gear on consignment on weekdays (Monday to Friday) from May until sometime around August each Aussie snow season. We strongly suggest however that you try to choose a quieter time to bring in your gear. This means, earlier in the day (first thing in the morning is best) and avoiding the after-school-rush from 3.30pm each day. Also PLEASE try and avoid the June/July school holidays as we are also very busy during that time. We do not accept consignment gear in on the weekends.

How long will it take?

It depends on how busy we are at the time and how much gear you bring in. Entering your gear into our computer system takes time: we will need all your details including your driver licence number, then enter details for each item into the computer, assess and price each item thoroughly and then go through the terms and conditions of the consignment with you. You cannot just drop off your gear and get us to send you the docket because the docket is a binding contract which must be signed and checked before you leave. We appreciate your patience at this time.

What can I bring in to recycle?

As a general rule, we only accept gear that is less than 7 years old. Equipment follows this rule pretty closely however clothing can be older depending on its style, condition and quality. We reserve the right to accept, refuse or revoke acceptance of recycled goods at any time. We do NOT accept 'fake' or counterfeit gear. We also do not accept the brand Crane (sold at Aldi stores).

We WILL recycle:

  • Jackets
  • Pants
  • All-in-Ones (up to size 10-12 kids only)
  • Apres or waterproof walking boots
  • Layers (fleece or other thermal material), Vests, Skivvies etc
  • Skis- must have bindings
  • Snowboards- must have bindings
  • Snowboard bindings
  • Ski Boots & Snowboard Boots
  • Ski Poles- must have baskets attached
  • Bags (Ski/Snowboard/Luggage)
  • Toboggans

We will NOT recycle:

  • Gloves / Mittens
  • Helmets
  • Goggles
  • All-in-Ones (adults)
  • Racing or stretch pants (unless made with a waterproof membrane)
  • Clothing layers not appropriate for the snow
  • Cotton layers or clothing
  • Thermal Underwear
  • Hats/Scarves
  • Socks
  • Skis over 179cm long - unless powder specific
  • Many race skis
  • Bindings without skis
  • Ski/Snowboards without bindings
  • Poles without material glove straps
  • Poles with leather glove straps
  • Equipment with major repairs required
  • 'Fake' or counterfeit gear
  • Crane branded gear (from Aldi stores)

Also we won't accept:

Anything that is worn, torn, needs repair, needs to be washed, is broken or damaged in crucial areas, has broken zips or is no longer waterproof or windproof
Goods just because they were bought at our store - all gear has a 'use by'-date.

What do I need to do before I bring my gear in?

Firstly, make sure it's a weekday.

Clean it - Present it in a way which will ensure the best possible price for your gear. You can wash most clothing in your washing machine using a special, pro-waterproof detergent for snow gear to ensure that the waterproof coating isn't washed off. We have products for this which are quite inexpensive. If you have stains or marks on your gear, it will significantly reduce the selling price of your gear.

Repair it - We won't accept worn, torn or broken items. Check all pockets and zips.

Find all the pieces - Make sure any detachable pieces or accessories for it are brought in together (e.g.. removable hoods and powder skirts, belts, braces, etc)

Bring in your drivers license for I.D., as well as some patience (if you have a lot of items, or we are busy, this process can take time)

Can I post my goods in to recycle?

Yes but this must be arranged in advance with the manager on a case by case basis. We will not accept responsibility for goods which are unaccompanied by a docket. Goods which are not accepted for consignment must be collected within 2 weeks or they will be disposed or donated.

I live out of town but I can only come in on the weekend? How can I recycle my gear?

You must phone to arrange a time in advance with the manager. Alternatively you can arrange to post your goods into us (see above point). There are no exceptions.

How much will I get for my gear?

You get 65% of the selling price for your item/s. Excluding Ski & Board boots as they attract a 50% commission.

This is a very hard question to answer without seeing your gear. We cannot accurately price your gear over the phone. It's not about what brand it is because there are always different models and levels within each brand. It's not about how much use it's had because technology changes so quickly. It's not about how expensive it was because your gear may not be suited for our clients (e.g.. race ski boots are very expensive but we are hesitant to accept them at all let alone put a high price on them). The best thing to do is to bring your gear into our store on any weekday (NOT WEEKENDS) and one of our staff can go through your gear with you. If you have a full car or bulky items, you can ask one of the staff to come out and have a look from there.

Some loose suggestions of selling prices include:

  • Jackets $40-$300
  • Pants $30-$250
  • Kids Suits $30-$140
  • Apres $15-$100
  • Layers $10-$40
  • Kids Skis $80-$250
  • Adults Skis $150-$650
  • Ski Poles $15-$45
  • Kids Snowboards $100-$300
  • Adult Snowboards $200-$500
  • Kids Ski Boots $40-$150
  • Adult Ski Boots $80-$250
  • Kids Snowboard Boots $50-$100
  • Adult Snowboard Boots $80-$250

Also, if you would like to get the highest price possible for your gear we suggest that you bring your gear in early in the season, mention this to our staff, and then keep checking on it to see if its been sold. If your gear hasn't sold by the end of the July school holidays (mid July) you should reduce your gear so that it will sell by the end of the season. Remember, we only hold your gear for the season and you then need to collect it by December or it will get donated to charity.

Who will price my gear?

We will help you price your gear. If you have an idea of what you would like to sell it for, then please let us know. We will however suggest prices to sell your gear for. It is important that you don't overprice your gear as it then won't sell. We have a good idea on what sells and what doesn't and also to compare to what someone might pay for an equivalent new item. It is important to remember that you need to price your pre-loved items significantly lower than new items so that they are attractive to buyers.

You also need to be aware that just because you bought your gear recently and paid a lot of money for it, it doesn't mean that you will then get a lot of money in return. Imported gear especially, is more suited to overseas markets and conditions which then in turn means that Australians don't want to pay the high price you might expect. We don't want to fill our recycled sections up with overpriced gear that will just take up space.

Can I request that the price be dropped automatically if it doesn't sell by a certain time?

Only if you phone us at that time and request the item be reduced. Our computer system doesn't automatically 'flag' items which have not been sold, and we have lots of items which must be managed by each individual owner. We do however think that it is a very good idea to reduce your items if not sold by mid-end July.


What happens if my gear doesn't sell or if I change my mind? Will it cost me?

Even in an average snow season, approx 80% of the gear brought into our store each season sells. The main reasons that gear does not sell are: It is overpriced, it is ugly or not sale-able, it is a poor quality or it was brought in too late in the season. This may even be an oversight by one of our staff who are usually being trained at the time when your consignment is being dropped off.

If your gear hasn't sold, you may at anytime, reduce the selling price by coming into the store or phoning us. You can also change your mind and revoke your items from sale at anytime as long as it hasn't already been sold. There is no charge for items which are not sold. We highly recommend that if your gear hasn't sold by the end of July, that you reduce your goods.

Can I get someone else to collect my unsold goods or money owing?

Yes. You have to inform us of this before hand so we can enter their details into our system.


Why should I recycle my gear through your store?

We are unique in that we are a specialty snow store and people come from all over Melbourne to go through our racks. You get high exposure and the whole process is relatively simple and pain free (as compared to receiving contact from individual buyers trying to sell it privately). Additionally, we have trained sales people selling your gear for you.


Will someone contact me when my gear has sold? What happens if I forget about it?

No*. Once your gear has been dropped into our store, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check on your items. We have thousands of items and hundreds of customers to serve and we do not have the resources or the computer capability to manage this. If your gear is unsold at the end of the season and you do not come into collect them by December, they will be donated or disposed, regardless of quality or age. If your goods have sold and there is money waiting to be collected, it will wait for your collection at anytime. We WILL NOT donate your money.

*As a safeguard, we suggest you join our store's email mailing list so that we send you an email with reminders regarding your consignment gear (amongst other things).


What happens if I lose my docket?

No problem, you just need to ensure that all your details on your docket (at the time of dropping off your goods) are correct so we can then look you up using your surname or phone number.


What happens if my gear doesn't sell?

You need to collect your gear by December or it will be donated to charity. We no longer hold goods over the summer time. You should then discuss with the staff as to why it didn't sell so that if you would like to bring it back again, we can make sure it sells next time. If you would like your gear to be donated, we would appreciate a phone call.

How do I get my money?

Any amount owing under $100 can be paid out in cash in the shop. Amounts higher than this can be paid out by EFTPOS, VISA, or MASTERCARD (not Amex). You will need to come into the store to do this. You can also be sent a cheque in the mail however this method will incur a $2 fee. This can take 1-2 weeks. Unfortunately we cannot automatically send you any money owing - our computer system doesn't operate that way.


Can someone send me a cheque for my sold goods?

Yes, if you request this ONLY once all your goods have been sold. A cheque will cost you $2 to be sent out and will be deducted from the money owing.


What if I am going away?

You may nominate someone to 'manage' your items for you. All the same conditions still apply. Just make sure their contact details are the ones on the docket or a note has been made in our computer system to alert to this.


Are the prices fixed? What if someone makes an offer?

The selling price is the price listed on your item. We can put a note in our computer system which says that you are happy to accept other offers without having to contact you. Alternatively, a customer may ask us to present you with an offer. We will then contact you by phone to inform you of this offer (this is why we suggest you give us a few phone numbers when you drop your gear off). It is completely up to you as to whether you accept or decline this offer.


What if my gear gets shop soiled or breaks while it is in your store?

It should be expected that some shop wear and tear may occur while your goods are in our store. We do not take responsibility for this wear and tear as written in the terms and conditions of your consignment docket.


Where does the gear go that gets donated?

We have finally found the two best homes for our consignment gear:

- All appropriate items (warm jackets, pants, boots, layers etc) are given directly to the homeless who live on the streets of Melbourne. This is done via soup kitchens and other charitable people who hand these items out to people directly from the backs of their car. We have found no major charity that actually does this, as opposed to putting the gear into a charity shop where it must then sell to someone else in order to be of any use. We think this is the most effective solution and directly helps those in real need for warmth.

- The rest of the snow gear is then donated to DWA (Disabled Wintersport Australia). This gear is then taken to Harrietville where it is sold or used by DWA to fund their cause.

- Any gear that is not appropriate for either of these causes is then disposed.